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Thessaloniki: “The Cut” on the Film Festival


Photo: Thessaloniki Film Festival 2014 / The Cut by Fatih Akin

In a sold out hall of the Olympion, the new film directed by Fatih Akin “The Cut“ celebrated its Greek premiere on Sunday evening.The director himself, who was awaited from organisation and audience, could not take part for health reasons. This has clouded the audience’s mood at first, though the film left them enthusiastic.

Nazaret Manoogian (played by Tahar Rahim), is a young family father from Mardin, captured by the Ottoman police in 1915 and compelled to forced labor. Years pass by, Nazareth narrowly escapes death and finds out that most of his family has been murdered, exception made for his twin daughters, Arsinée and Lucinée. So he embarks on a long journey seeking for them.

With “The Cut” Akin reinvents himself somehow, trying out new styles that do not appear in his previous films. This is his most expensive and challenging production, but at a first glance, still not enough to impress film critic.From Turkey, (as excepted) critics have risen, and even death threats.

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Photo: Thessaloniki Film Festival 2014 / The Cut by Fatih Akin

The genocide of the Armenians is rather a very sensitive issue, not yet acknowledged by the Turkish government. Even in Germany the term “genocide” is avoided.

Akin doesn’t let this dishearten him and tries to tell the story following Nazaret’s example. It is obvious that with his film, the director is willing to bridge the gap, as he says himself. It shows the good and the bad, regardless of ethnic or religious background.

However, there is a break in the film.The history of the Armenians ends abruptly with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and from here on it’s all based on Nazaret’s search for his daughters. Nevertheless, the film remains exciting until the end.

Article: Alexandra Kosma
Translation:  Valentina Aldovini

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