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Thessaloniki: openSUSE Conference 2013

openSuSe_Conf_ThessalonikiThe openSUSE conference, the annual meeting of the international community openSUSE, is taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece, from July 18 to 22 2013. This project brings a wide variety of Open Source contributors together to collaborate on one of the major Linux distribution projects. The openSUSE Project provides an open and innovative atmosphere to collaboratively work on various distribution-related and packaging technologies and products. Their philosophy focuses on stability and flexibility, innovative community infrastructure and seeking collaboration with the wider Free and Open Source community.

The Greek community, also known as Greekos within the openSUSE community, came together approximately 3 years ago. This community of dedicated local supporters meets on a regular basis and promotes the use of openSUSE and FOSS (free and open-source software) within and outside of Greece. With the experience of organizing the openSUSE Collaboration Summer camps and the Greekos involvement in the orchestration of previous openSUSE conferences, the Greek community was the perfect fit to hold the first openSUSE conference that will be organized solely by the community. The local team of volunteers is dedicated to provide an unforgettable experience at this year’s event.

openSUSE Conference 2013 – Geeko Stories

The slogan of this year’s conference ‘Power to the Geeko’ is an attempt to connect the past and the rich history of Greece to the future throughout the continuous changes in the world.

The oSC13 is held at the Olympic Museum Thessaloniki and focuses on discussing topics related to the distribution, Free and Open Source technology and ‘open world stuff’ in general via presentations, discussions and workshops, inviting people from within as well as outside of the openSUSE Community.

As in previous years registration and attendance of the openSUSE conference is free of charge. In order to participate in the conference, the only step necessary is to create an account and register to the conference via this link.

The organization of the conference has been made possible due to the support of its sponsors and supporters (amongst others SUSE, ARM, ORACLE, DEVHDR, IT.AUTH, ΕΔΕΤ, CISCO, Kolab Systems). Tickets to support the event, though, can be purchased via the SUSE shop:

openSUSE Conference 2013, 18-22 July, Thessaloniki, Greece

openSUSE Conference 2013, 18-22 July, Thessaloniki, Greece

Ticket 200 € (professional ticket)
For supporters. Additional privileges for the holders of this ticket are included.

Ticket 40 € (supporter ticket)
For general supporters of the openSUSE conference 2013

openSUSE Conference Thessaloniki 2013:


openSUSE Conference 2013 – Geeko Stories @ Thessaloniki, Greece Promo
openSUSE Conference 2013 Short

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