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Thessaloniki: Film Festival 2013 – Excellent Miss Violence


Alexandros Avranas @ 54th TIFF

Excellent, the film Miss Violence by Alexander Avranas.

The 54th Thessaloniki Film Festival yesterday unveiled the much-discussed film of the award- winning director and today, at 22:00 in the hall Tonia Marketaki, the second screening of the film will follow.

Having already received two major awards at the recent Venice Film Festival (Silver Lion for best director and Coppa Volpi for best actor) Miss Violence is a realistic examination of violence, mounted on a family’s dark secrets.

On the day of her birthday, the 11 years old Angelica falls from the house balcony. The family argues that the loss of the child happened accidentaly, but the viewer knows that it is a suicide. The central idea of ​​the film is based on a true story.

The screenplay is by Kostas Peroulis and the performance belongs to Hellen Roussinou, Reni Pittaki and Themis Panou.


Alexandros Avranas @ 54th TIFF

Alexander Avranas honored and presented yesterday at the Olympion Cinema actors and crew of the film. He then answered to the audience’s questions: “Everyone always has something to lose,  thats why we subjugate urselves. At the moment when we have nothing more to lose, the door opens up to revolution” he said, and “When the oppressed gain power, often they get worse than the oppressors.”

The film Miss Violence comes from Thu 7th November in theaters and should, according to director Avranas, “Remind and do not provoke “. To a considerable extent, he succeeds.

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