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Thessaloniki: 53rd International Thessaloniki Film Festival / 2.-11. November 2012

Photo: Maria Brand

We have landed successfully in Thessaloniki and are expecting to see the usual suspects during the next 10 days full of films, colourful pictures and extraordinary sounds: The 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival (aka TIFF) has begun! Rumors about bad weather made us pack some sun on our way over and we cannot wait to see all the film presentations, press conferences, Q & As and parallel events – we’re simply ready to conquer this city!

Did you get the festival programme? No? Do you know anything about the different festival sections? No clue? Have you heard about the special screenings or parties? Nothing? Perfect! That’s exactly what we want to inform you about this year – this and a lot more!

Wake up, get dressed and go out – ‘cause we’re going to the festival!

Fact of the day: Thessaloniki is celebrating a 100 years of independency this year – Congratulations!

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