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Thessaloniki: Film Festival 2012 / Films and Trailers

Photo: Maria Brand

Films? Yes, please, give us more!

Unfortunately we cannot help you find films to watch. Not us, not even the Thessaloniki International Film Festival or any other festival. The point is that you have to find these films on your own, to be in the mood to discover them and, above all, to not regret watching something you didn’t like. That’s just the way it is, you won’t find anyone on this planet who hasn’t watched a film they didn’t enjoy. Different opinions, cultures, beliefs and mentalities lead to different impressions of a „good“ or „bad“ film. Let’s not overreact and be too harsh when it comes to the evaluation of things, a film will remain a film, weather you consider it to be good or bad.

For exactly this reason we won’t point out which films to watch or not, that would be like taking half of the joy out of this ritual and giving you everything on the plate. We’ll just present some films that we’ve seen or want to watch at this year’s Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

Loveless Zoritsa Trailer (Crna Zorica)
Director: Christina Hadjicharalambous, Radoslav Pavkovic.
Production: Serbia – Greece – Cyprus – Poland 2012)

I’m not a Hipster Trailer
Director: Destin Daniel Cretton
Production: U.S.A. 2012

Playtime Trailer
Director: Jacques Tatiana Kolovetsiou
Production: France – Italy 1967

Dead Europe Trailer
Director: Tony Krawitz
Production: Australia – U.K.

Mold Trailer (Κüf)
Director: Ali Aydin
Production: Turkey – Germany 2012

Red City Trailer
Director: Manos Cizek
Production: Greece – U.K. 2012

Le Capitale Trailer
Director: Kostas Gavras
Production: France 2012

Everything else is up to you. Don’t forget that the whole purpose of cinema is not to watch a good film, but to be able to see for yourself if a film is actually good!

And you can (and should) share the effect the film had on you by discussing it with other viewers. To be honest I could never understand how people leave the cinema without talking about it. It’s like tasting food without recognizing half of the ingredients.

Fact of the day: Step by the Iktinou au Trottoir bar (Iktinou Str. 10), a beautiful and small bar with the greatest owners we’ve met in a long time!

Translation: Maria Brand

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